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Saturday, October 27, 2007

What RTs can do that RNs can't

Djanvk made a great post on his blog about the differences between RTs and RNs RTs vs RNs

I have to say this is a great list. I will make a facetious version of the list here:

1. RTs get to leave when the patient poops.
2. An RT can tell a coworker to beep him in 5 minutes so he has an excuse to leave the room of a loquacious patient.
3. RTs can silently fart in an obtunded patient's room and snicker as the RN takes a peek at the patient's bottom.
4. An RT can sit in his cave all night while the RNs think he's working hard. This is a good excuse when you're late for a treatment or feeling lazy and know the RNs are busy with a patient.
5. If there's an annoying nurse the RT can get his work done and leave.
6. An RT can take a break when he gets a minute, and for me right now that's been the past 90 minutes.

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