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Thursday, January 25, 2007

RT Cheat sheets & Protocols

Cheat Sheets:
  1. Adult (part 1): (Ideal VT, setting up vent, optimal PEEP, when to stop wean, considerations for readiness to wean patient from ventilator.
  2. Adult (part 2): (RT formulas, ARDS vent strategy, Guidelines to adjusting vents, EKGs part 1, determining level of consciousness)
  3. Adult (part 3): (INterpreting EKGs part 2, Adjusting Flow Term,
  4. Adult (part 4) : (Indications for calling Dr., Interpreting lab results, Interpreting EKGs part 3
  5. Adult (part 5) : Risk for pneum, DIC, Sepsis and pnuemonia
  6. Neonatal (part 1): (Guidelines to setting up neo vent, normal neo gases, ideal neo VTs)
  7. Neonatal (part 2): (Determining neo ETT, laryngoscope, where to secure ETT, and VTs; setting up CPAP; Guidelines to setting up peds vent
  8. Interpreting Capnography
  9. Ventilator Graphics (part 1)
  10. Ventilator Graphics (part 2)
  11. Easy way to determine Static Compliance and RSBI


  1. RT Consult
  2. RT Consult Form (side 1)
  3. RT Consult Form (side 2)
  4. ER RT Consult
  5. Vent set-up protocol
  6. Ventilator RT Consult
  7. Ventilator Extubation Protocol
  8. Oxygen protocol

Materials for patient use:

  1. Peak flow flowsheet (side 1 and 2)


Tenniel Valdez said...

None of your links seem to load for me :(

Anonymous said...

This a great material, thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is great material, thank you!

Anonymous said...

This site is very informative. The RRT clinical simulation exam is an important part of your boards to get your Registered Respiratory Therapist license. My suggestion for this site would be to add anything that anyone has ever seen on the clin sim on the RRT exam. So for example, if you ever remember any kind of case scenario after taking the RRT exam, feel free to post on here! It would help a lot of us RT students out by helping us prepare to take our boards. Thanks Everyone!!!