Asthma Basics:

  1. Asthma Lexicon
  2. Asthma FAQ
  3. Great Asthma Educational Links
  4. The latest definition of asthma
  5. So What is Asthma? Here's Our Updated Definition
  6. What is the asthma syndrome?
  7. An Asthma Lexicon: Important Terms You Should Know
  8. Asthma Terms You Should Know: Part II
  9. "Bronchoterms" you should know
  10. Your Journey Down the Respiratory Tract
  11. The five consequences of asthma
  12. Evolution of Asthma: More Than Just a Lung Disease
  13. Is It Asthma? Here's How to Find Out
  14. 16 Interesting Asthma Facts You Should Know
  15. More and more asthma statistics
  16. Asthma trigger versus asthma cause
  17. Asthmatics:  Here's what to expect in the ER
  18. Here's what you need to know about hay fever
Asthma Diagnosis:
Asthma Signs and Symptoms:
  1. What is a severe asthma attack?
  2. Prepare asthmatic lungs for the flu epidemic
  3. Don't Waver! Seek Help for Bad Asthma
  4. Having asthma symptoms? Here's five tips to help you decide what to do
  5. You Must Know the Signs and Symptoms of Asthma
  6. Learn your asthma symptoms
Asthma Control and Severity:
  1. Correctly stopping an asthma attack
  2. What is Good Asthma Control?
  3. How to Gain Good Control of Your Asthma
  4. 6 Steps to Better Asthma Control
  5. How To Gain Control Of Your Asthma
  6. How To Tell If Your Asthma Is Controlled
  7. Asthma Control vs. Asthma Severity: What You Need to Know
  8. 10 Things to Do This Year to Control Your Asthma
  9. Have asthma? Then you must have an asthma action plan
  10. Managing Asthma at Work
  11. 6 Steps to Better Asthma Control
  1. Asthma Medicine Lexicon
  2. The Top 10 Asthma Medicines
  3. What is Rescue Medicine?
  4. What is Controller Medicine?  What One Works Best for You?
  5. What Asthma Controller Medicine Works Best for You?
  6. Is It OK to Use Expired Asthma Medicines?
  7. Symbicort May Offer New Option for Asthmatics
  8. The Debate: Albuterol or Levalbuterol
  9. Bronchial Thermoplasty: Another Option for Hardluck Asthma
  10. Which Asthma Medicine is Best? (written by Kathi MacNaughton
  11. What inhaled steroid is best?
  12. Can a simple breeze relieve your asthma?
  13. What asthma medicines are safe for young kids
  14. Asthma Medicine: Home Versus Hospital
Diet and Exercises:
  1. 7 incentives for asthmatics to maintain a healthy body
  2. 14 tips for exercising with asthma
  3. Relaxation Exercises for Asthma May Benefit You
  4. Alright Asthmatics! Here's Your Incentive to Get in Shape This Year
  5. Breathing Exercises to Control Asthma
  6. Seven Best Exercises for Asthmatics
  7. Alright Asthmatics! Here's Your Incentive to Eat Well and Get in Shape
  8. Even We Asthmatics Can Run
  9. Five things that could get in the way of a healthy you (and how to get around them!).
  10. Come on asthmatics, it's time to excercise!
  11. Here's your incentive to get in shape this year
  12. 10 tips to help asthmatics exercise
Causes and Links:
  1. Links between asthma and genetics
  2. The Hygiene Hypothesis: Does Cleanliness Cause Asthma?
  3. Introducing the microflora hypothesis of allergies, asthma
  4. Parents Beware! Antibiotics May Cause Asthma
  5. Is it Possible Exercise Causes Asthma?
  6. The Link Between Eczema and Asthma
  7. Common Virus May Cause Asthma
  8. GERD and Asthma: What's the Connection?
  9. Occupational Asthma: Your Work Caused It
  10. Exercise- Induced Asthma Troubles Many -- Even Olympians
  11. Does mold cause asthma?
  12. Does air pollution cause asthma?
  13. The link between nasal congestion and asthma
  14. 12 things that may cause asthma near birth
  15. Does obesity cause asthma
  16. Six Common Christmas Asthma Triggers
  17. Does lack of vitamin D cause asthma?
  18. Does Tylenol cause asthma?
  19. Do allergies cause asthma?
  20. Is asthma always hereditary?
  21. 24 things that cause asthma
  22. How can you prevent asthma (15 things)
  23. Do swimming pools trigger asthma?
  24. 9 Reasons Poverty Causes Asthma
  25. Mold spores, another ubiquitous asthma trigger
  26. Here's what you need to know about hay fever
  27. 9 reasons poverty may cause asthma
  28. Ragweed season is upon us
  29. Links between high blood pressure and asthma
  30. Asthma may contribute to bone loss
  31. The Link Between COPD and Asthma
Preventing Asthma:
  1. 11 asthma myths debunked
  2. The best jobs for people with asthma
  3. 31 jobs asthmatics should not take
  4. 9 Reasons You Must Never Forget You Have Asthma
  5. 10 things That are Essential for All Asthmatics
  6. Don't be Afraid of Using Advair and Symbicort
  7. Smoke and Have Asthma? Here's 20 Incentives to Quit!
  8. 10 Tips to Help Asthmatics Prepare For a Natural Disaster
  9. 10 Tips to Help Asthmatics Survive the Halloween Fright
  10. 10 Tips For Managing Even The Toughest Asthma
  11. High and low humidity not good for asthma
  12. 19 Tips to Avoiding Allergens That Aren't Exactly Fun to Follow
  13. 11 Tips For Traveling With Asthma
  14. Here's what asthmatics need to know about swine flu
  15. 5 Common Types of Asthma Meds & Why You Should Use Them As Prescribed
  16. Being the Best Asthma Patient You Can Be
  17. School kids need quick access to rescue medicine
  18. 10 ways to improve life for all asthmatics
  19. Asthmatics: it's okay to take a day off
  20. 10 tips to help someone cope with asthma
  21. 10 tips how to be a gallant asthmatic
Childhood Asthma:
Common Asthma Questions:
  1. What Other Medical Problems Can Occur When Asthma is Untreated?
  2. Lung Anatomy 101: Why Does Asthma Cause Chest Pain?
  3. Asthmatic Kids Behind in Reading, Study Shows
  4. Is asthma all in your head? 
  5. Is Vaccine to Cure Asthma/Allergies Too Good to be True?
  6. Does Advair cause weight gain?
  7. What Other Medical Problems Can Occur When Asthma is Untreated?
  8. Lung Anatomy 101: Why Does Asthma Cause Chest Pain?
  9. Asthmatic Kids Behind in Reading, Study Shows
  10. Is Vaccine to Cure Asthma/Allergies Too Good to be True?
  11. Does Advair cause weight gain?
  12. A concern for Parents of Asthmatics: Will Corticosteroids stunt my child's growth?
  13. A Concern for Expectant Mothers: Are Asthma Meds Safe For My Baby?
  14. What's the difference between pure asthma severe asthma
  15. Why do people have allergies?
  16. Can you really live a normal life with asthma?
  17. What is the greatest challenge of having asthma?
  18. When does asthma become Hardluck Asthma 
Asthma Trends and Studies:
  1. Were You Sick with Allergies Yesterday?
  2. Asthmatics Want Once-a-day Medicine
  3. Studies Link Alcohol to Worsening Asthma/Allergies
  4. Competition Heats Up for Advair's Share of the Market
  5. 4 Reasons Severe Asthma Rates Are Declining
  6. Taste receptors found in lungs may benefit asthma
  7. Study may prove hygiene hypothesis
  8. 50% of adults develop allergies
  9. Taste receptors in lungs may benefit asthma
  10. 10 reasons asthma rates are still rising
Asthma Doctors:
  1. 24 Signs of a Great Asthma Doctor
  2. Is Your Asthma Doctor Doing a Good Job?
  3. Six Asthma Doctor Personality Types: Which One is Your Doctor?
  4. Doctor Anxiety: It Can Make Your Asthma Worse
  5. Is your doctor out of date?
  6. Doctor anxiety: it can make your asthma worse
  7. You and Your Doctor Must Be an Asthma Control Team
Asthma Facts:
  1. Hey asthmatics! You are not alone!
  2. Asthma: The Appendix of the Lungs
  3. Does Asthma Make You Smarter?
  4. Bronchodilator Anxiety
  5. Asthma Forgetfulness and Asthma Honesty
  6. A Pragmatic Asthmatic’s Christmas Wish List
  7. 13 Things We Asthmatics Can Be Thankful For
  8. Goofus and Gallant take their asthma to hunting camp
  9. The Journey of a Hardluck Asthmatic to Gallant Asthmatic
  10. Kid asthmatics love their respiratory therapists
  11. How to spot a bronchodilatoraholic
  12. Confessions of a recovering bronchodilatoraholic
  13. Creative places we asthmatics store our inhalers
  14. 10 things we asthmatics ought to be thankful for
  15. Can asthma make you live longer?
  16. I'd rather have asthma if stranded at sea
  17. The confounded asthmatic: They don't know what to do
  18. 10 good things about having asthma
  19. 10 reasons for asthmatics to be thankful
  20. Eight great reading materials for asthmatics
  21. Can kids outgrow asthma
Fun with Asthma:
  1. 11 Types of Asthmatics -- Which One Are You?
  2. Meet Jake Gallant: The Perfect Asthmatic
  3. Meet Joe Goofus: The Asthmatic You Don't Want To Be (But Probably Are)
  4. The Non-Compliant Asthmatic
  5. Josie Goofus: The Asthma Parent You Don't Want to Be
  6. Breathin' Stephen, the Hardluck Asthmatic, completes Boston Marathon
  7. Meet Breathin' Stephen, the Hard Luck Asthmatic On His Way to the Boston Marathon
  8. Confessions of an asthmatic in denial
  9. The Doubting Thomas Asthmatics
  10. Some Asthmatics are Good Actors
  11. The "Wet Noodle" Technique Works For Keeping Calm During An Asthma Attack
  12. Joe Goofus struggles to control his asthma
  13. Confounded Asthmatic: They don't know what to do
  14. The furtive asthmatic: the secret puffer
  15. When does asthma become hardluck asthma?
  16. Future Possibility: Asthmabegone may be option for asthmatics (3/11/14)
  17. Types of Asthma:  The Secret Puffer 
  18. When does asthma become hardluck?
  19. We all have a little Joe Goofus in us -- even me
Asthma History:
  1. Seven Classic Asthma Medicines To Be Discontinued
  2. 10 Asthma Myths Busted
  3. Check Out These Ancient Asthma Remedies!
  4. Check Out These 19th Century Asthma Remedies!
  5. Susphrine: The asthma wonder drug of old
  6. The History of Asthma
  7. How was asthma treated in the ancient world?
  8. The history of asthma medicine
  9. How was asthma treated 30,000 years ago?
  10. A brief history of allergic asthma
Asthma During Holidays:
Upcoming posts:
  1. Future possibility:  Take a pill and turn your allergic asthma off (3/18/14)
  2. Asthma no longer disease of direst suffering
  3. The asthmatic who had to eat his pride
  4. Joe Goofus and the expired inhaler (4/29/14)
  5. Joe Goofus and the empty inhaler (4/ 15/14)
  6. The silent asthmatics -- our kids
  7. Every case of asthma is the same but different
  8. Ever had to explain asthma/ allergies to a child?
  9. Asthma can never go away -- but it can be controlled
  10. Asthma "me too" moments
  11. The forgotten asthmatic
  12. We deserve a little asthma empathy (6/1/14)
  13. Some interesting facts about asthma's history (5/27/14)
  14. Prepare asthmatic lungs for flu epidemic (10/7/14)
  15. Tips for exercising with asthma (1/7/15)
  16. What is the greatest challenge of having asthma