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Monday, December 4, 2017

Myth Busted: Eggs Are Now Good For You

I started eating healthy in 1998. The diet I did was the Body-For-Life Diet. I still stick to this diet, although with my own moderations. One of the moderations I made is that I now eat eggs every day. I eat lots of eggs. I eat two for breakfast and then I eat 2 more as a snack for brunch. Sometimes I eat more than that.

I told this to my son the other day. He goes to the University of Michigan, so you know he's smart. But, a University education doesn't necessarily mean you are getting useful information. He said, "I bet your cholesterol is high."

I said, "That's a myth."

Actually, my cholesterol is normal. This is after eating 4 eggs nearly every day for over a year. So, if conventional wisdom were true, I'd be well on my way to having a heart attack. But, the truth is as it is, this is not the case.

I mean, I don't even have heart attack genes. There is no evidence of heart disease in my family. So, I'm certainly not going to worry about having a heart attack. But, I'll save that for a future post.

The truth is that I hated doing the BFL diet prior to when I started eating eggs. Sometimes I would get those fake eggs you get in a box. The ones that don't have the yolk. But they are expensive. My wife stopped buying them years ago. So, I've had to make do without eggs.

But that ended about a year ago when I discovered that saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease. Then, as I did my research, I learned that eggs are actually good for you. They have lots of protein. So, eat up!!!

Eggs fill me up. Eggs give me satisfaction. Eggs are yummy no matter how you cook them. They are now the main staple of my diet. They make it so much easier to diet. I can't believe I went all those years without eating eggs based on a myth.

And I'm not the only one. My nephew is trying to add weight. I noticed the definition on his arms when I saw him at hunting camp. We had a discussion about working out. He said, "Eggs are the staple of my diet."

I said, "Yeah! Same here. I suppose, if conventional wisdom were to hold true, we will both be dead of heart disease in about ten years."

But conventional wisdom, once again, is proven false.

The result is that I lost 30 pounds eating eggs. I did not gain weight. I also did not gain a high cholesterol. I'm not using myself as proof. The myth that eggs are bad for you was busted before I started eating them.

In fact, before I started eating eggs every day I had trouble getting enough protein into my system. Now weight loss experts like Jillian Michaels champions for eating eggs.

What's so good about eggs? I'll delve into that in my next post.

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