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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Invention ideas I have

This is the new design I came up with for a set of keys,
They are simple, and cost less than a buck to copy. 
I have been doing a lot of thinking lately of ways I can make the world better.  Here are some of the ideas I have come up with.

1.  Cord on phones.  I just thought it would be a neat idea.  How many times a day I have to search for the phone, I can't even count.  If phones had cords on them they'd be on a leash, sort of, and easy to find.

2.  Dials on TV.  Like cordless phones, how many hours a day do you spend searching for the remote control?  Way to many, I'd have to say -- especially if you have kids.  I say that we just put a dial on the TV, and if you lose the remote control so what: you lose a few pounds getting up to turn the knob.  Bottom line: when you can't find the remote you can still watch the channel you want.

3.  Antennas. Rather than pay countless dollars to satellite and cable services, I think every house should come equipped with an antenna that allows people to pick up channels for free.  Isn't that the point of advertising in the first place? It seems the way it is now, we pay for TV and we still have to put up with boring commercials.

4.  Paper Charting.  Electronic charting is slow and makes it so you have to pay attention to your charting more so than your patient.  I would like to see someone come up with a piece of paper that allows us to chart on it.  Maybe even a pencil or a pen for writing on.  This would be nice because then we could chart after we are done assessing, treating and educating the patient.  Gomer Blog agrees with m;e on this one.

5.  Metal Hangers.  Today hangers are made of plastic that easily breaks and is useless when not supporting a shirt or a pear of pants.  I think hangers should be made of metal.  That way, when you lock yourself out of your car, you have a tool to help you get in.

6.  Easy to pick locks on cars.  Modern locks are so complicated that, when you lose your keys, you can't get in your car.  Sure the thief can't get in, but my cars are so dilapidated that no thief would come close to my car anyway.  I would like to use my metal hanger to pull open the locks when (I say when) I lose my keys (which usually happens once or twice a month.

7.  Regular Keys.  Modern car keys have so much electronic junk inside them that they cost over $400 each.  I would like to see a key that is merely a piece of metal in a particular shape that it only fits in your car. You turn it and the car turns on.  Simple enough.

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