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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Respiratory therapists lazy?

Respiratory therapists, are, by nature, lazy.  Well, I suppose that's a poor word.  But my point is that, because we tend to be lazy (errr??), if we ask for something from a physician it's probably because it's needed.

Look at it this way.  No one wants to suction. But sometimes we have patients that definitely need it.  In these cases, we might go out of our way to ask a physician.  If we do this, consider that it is definitely needed.  I mean, not only is suctioning invasive and uncomfortable for the patient, but it's a lot of work for us RTs.  So, if we ask for it, it's needed. 

Consider ventolin.  I mean, any respiratory therapist understands that we give enough ventolin out to suffer deeply from second hand ventolin (grumpiness, apathy, increased wisdom, the ability to tell the difference between heart failure and pneumonia from bronchospasm without even assessing the patient).  So if we ask for a new breathing treatment order, you gotta admit it's probably needed. 

We also complain to nurses (at least under our breath) about new treatment orders.  We say things like, "Um, this patient is in heart failure.  He doesn't need ventolin."  But the nurse calls us on it, saying things like, "You're just being lazy.  Cure the patient's wheeze with your magic mist."  

Sorry, we are lazy.  Well, not really.

Quote by Ron Burgendy:  "I may not know all the facts, but I always tell the truth."

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