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Monday, March 4, 2013

Can you staff for the what if?

Many bosses will say that you can't staff for the what if?  Most store managers will staff for the number of customers they had a year ago on this date.  If it's a holiday coming up, they look at the stats from the year before and stock and staff accordingly.  In the hospital you can't do that -- but they still do. 

In the hospital you should always staff a minimum number of OB nurses, a minimum number of CCU nurses, a certain number of floor nurses, a certain number of ER nurses, a minimum number of lab techs, a certain number of x-ray techs, a certain number of doctors, and a certain number of respiratory therapists.  This is simply the cost of doing business.

Sure some days, many days, people will be sitting around.  But when the patient comes in, you need coverage.  It's a law suit waiting to happen if you are not properly staffed. And, to be honest, this is the type of thing hospitals should be paying for, not therapies that are only done so the hospital can make money.

Think about it.  It's common sense.  Hospitals that staff properly have happier staff.  Hospitals that have a happier staff make happy patients. It's a win-wins -- staffing for the what if, that is.


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