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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things that affect distribution of aerosolized meds

What are some things that effect distribution of aerosolized medicine to the air passages of the lungs?
  1. Tidal volume or depth of breath
  2. Rate (ideally you'll want a normal rate)
  3. Speed of inhalation (ideally you'll want a smooth laminar flow)
  4. Crying (results in prolonged expiration and too fast inspiration (turbulent flow)
  5. Breath hold (can increase deposition)
  6. Narrow air passages (asthma) can cause increased deposition into central air passages instead of lung periphery
  7. Mucus plugging (excess mucus)
  8. Nose breathing as compared with mouth breathing
  9. Atelectasis
Later we'll discuss the same issue for BiPAP and Mechanically Ventilated patients.

Source: Source:  Elliot, Deborah, Patrick Dunne, "A Guide to Aerosolized Drug Delivery," American Association of Respiratory Care, page 9

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