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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rise above evil to find good, and death to find life

Things often look bleak as we look at the world.  Yet we are reminded on Easter that life begins with one person.  You must start change if ever you want to change things.  You cannot simply let doom and gloom in the world take you down with it.  Life does not end with death.  If it did, the world would have ended long ago.

Jesus reminded us of this, as things looked bleak in his day, and he volunteered to die and he rose again.  Death may be what we see, yet we must rise above it all.  Rise above the evil.  Rise above the doom and gloom. 

Jesus did not promise that he would prevent evil and sickness.  He did not promise that times would not some day be bad again.  He never said the world would be free from war and evil people.  The reason he doesn't promise this is because what he did give us is free choice.  We have a right to make decisions, and then we also have a right to face the consequences of our decisions -- good or bad. 

When bad things happen it's of our own free doing, or someone else's. This can never be prevented, yet we can rise above it to stop these people.  We must look at the evil, we must look at what is bad, and find what is good in it.  This, in essence, was the miracle that Jesus provided.  He had the ability to look at the worst and find the best.  He could look at the worse situation, like the poorest of the poor, and find richness.

Think about it.  Jesus willfully put himself to the most repugnant and painful act possible, and he died on the cross.  Then he was able to find life out of it.  That's right, out of his own death he found goodness.  He taught us that we can look at any human situation and find life in it.  We can even look at death and find life in it, because through death life continues.

So when evil occurs it is of our own doing.  We are all in this world together, and it is together that we must rise above the bad and the evil to make things better.  It has been done before. 

We must keep optimism going like the flower that rises on a sunny day only to be snowed upon. Yes it may appear as though the flower may not come back up, yet it rises again. 

Man was put on earth thousands of years ago, and while there have been many things, and many people die, and while there have been periods where times were good and times where things appeared ominous and gloomy, new people always came along to make things better again. 

People die, yet new humans rise up.  In this way mankind always lives.  On Easter we are reminded o this.  by reading and celebrating about the resurrection of Jesus we remind ourselves that there is always life even when we don't see it.  Great times will rise again.  Happy Easter


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