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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is challenge?

The Bible says that an ungrateful child is like a serpant's tooth, but a nagging and ungrateful wife is ever so much sharper than that." Stephen King in "1922." Every single one of us has faced challenges in his or her life. In face, life itself is a challenge. So how, then, would you define challenge?

Challenge: Any obstacle that stands in your way, and the attempt to get through or past it makes you a better person or family.

You can look it up at and get a little different definition, yet the bottom line is what I have written above. You can walk away from challenges, yet that would mean defeat, and cause apathy.

Apathy results in loss of confidence and confidence. It lowers morale. While other people can act as challenges, such as a ruthless boss or an ungrateful son or a nagging wife, how you react can define you as a person.

If you respond poorly to challenges, then they defeat you. If you respond by using the virtues of the family as I wrote about
here, then you will make yourself and your family better. In this, a good response to a challenge helps you to make the world a better place in a small yet important way.

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