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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday

Happy Good Friday.

It's obviously not a good Friday to a lot of people, as the patient load here at Shoreline is ridiculously high. Yet, while I have 14 patients on my Asthma/COPD medicine treatment list tonight, none of them have asthma nor COPD. How is that for amazing. I suppose we're providing 14 patients with scrubbin-bubbles, pneumonex, cracklin, preventolatorolin, insanolin, wheresmymamaolin, wedontknowwhatelsetodosoletsgiveventolin-olin, allwheezesarebronchospasmolin, allthatisshortofbreathisbronchospasmolin,
allannoyinglungsoundsarebronchospasmolin, allannoyingpatientsdeserveanrtolin, and you name the 'olin.

That's fine, because we just keep chuggin along biding our time for the day when we RTs at small town hospitals gain the respect of doctors and RT Driven Protocols like they have up in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor. Perhaps they pray harder than we do up here.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. I'm celebrating the whole thing right here at the RT Cave.


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