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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why do Drs get all the free stuff?

I walked into the doctor's lounge tonight and snooped through the drawers and the fridge down there. Hey, ain't no docs around this place at night -- too inconvenient.

They were chock full of goodies like poptarts, cookies, fruit and grain bars, cerial, V8 juice, pop, candy, donuts, bagels, beer...

Okay, so there really wasn't beer, but you'd be amazed at all the goodies down there. Oh, and I didn't mention that they get a fresh pot of coffee every hour or so from the cafeteria (although not at night.)

Yet the rest of the staff gets a big whopping handful of... you guessit it.... nothing.

Why is that? Doctors make 100 times more money than any of us RTs or RNs, and yet they are the one's the admins give all the free stuff to.

If anybody around here deserves free stuff it surely isn't a doctor who can afford to buy his own treats. And if they get free stuff, why not the people who are doing all the work?

Come on folks. Let's get with the program!

So, anyway, as I write this I'm enjoying my V8 juice, my poptart and my fruit and grain bar await.

The other 20 such objects I took I handed out to my coworkers.

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Glenna said...

LOL! I used to wonder about that when I worked at a hotel where I was a convention/banquet planner. It always amazed me that the rich people were the ones who got stuff for free but the average Joe dad trying to pay for a wedding we practically nickeled and dimed to death and if we gave any little thing for free then we were questioned. It does seem odd. Aren't average people's business and loyalty worth every bit as much? I mean, I get the marketing gimmicks and the "we have to keep the docs but the RN's and RT's can be replaced" theories but it still feels like a slap.