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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A stubborn man with chest pain

It was quiet as I sat there
enjoying the night.
When a lady, I swear
told me her plight.

"I tried hard as could be
but he's stubborn you see.
He said, ERs are no fun
So don't call 911."

Then as I sat all alone
I heard a clang on the phone.
I heard him pout.
I heard her shout.

She hung up the phone .
A hum and a drone
From the scanner beside me,
"Man down," was the plea.

Soon I heard a loud yelp,
A plea for my help.
I jumped off my chair
and a lady was there.

She said, "Help my old man."
I said, "I'll do the best I can."
She gave me a pathetic stare
And I pulled up a chair.

I said, "Sit here and rest
While we do our best.
I rushed to the victim
And gave a clear dictum.

The order was late, I knew
As I could see he was blue
I thought of his wife's pain
As I sought out a vein.

Now beside me she stood.
I worked hard as I could
and injected the drug
then gave her a hug.

As the doctor I called it,
And his wife through a fit.
So the man got here to late
And now must accept fate.

If you ever wonder why
a modest man does die
Heed this advice I say:
"Come in any way.

"Because dead people are never stubborn."

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Anonymous said...

Very Very interesting........obviously you have other talents