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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Medical Helecopter Crashes

Just learned that Aeromed helecopter crashed into Specrim Health in Grand Rapids, MI. The top couple floors are being evacuated to different hospitals in the area, and the ER has been closed.

Wow... Just learned Pilot and passenger both survived, and escaped serious injury. Great news. The copter was apparently on a training mission.

This is where many smaller hospitals send their most critical patients. For all the good that these people do, and the risks that they take, we have to take a moment to appreciate what they do.

Here's the story in ther Grand Rapids Press, and here is a better link to the same paper.


Glenna said...

Ohmygawd, that's horrible. I sometimes think about that kind of thing when I'm in certain patients' rooms who overlook our heliopad.

keepbreathing said... least nobody got hurt. That must have been absolutely terrifying for everybody involved.

Djanvk said...

About two weeks ago There was a Helicopter crash from the University of Wisconsin Hospital. That is the bigger hospital we send patients to. All three on board died.

It was May 10th I think.