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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A toast to a great 2008

Three minutes to the new year and ER paged me for an EKG. Sorry if I wasn't a bit late; had to toast to the new year with the CCU goofballs.

I remember a few years ago we were all ready with our glasses of fake wine poured, and a signal one was called overhead. At ten seconds to midnight I just happened to be passing the nurses station, did a quick toast in passing, and was on my way.

That's usually how it is here on New years. And, at about 2 a.m., the trouble makers will start bursting through the ER doors. Hopefully it will be by their own power, or even by the police, as opposed to on an ER stretcher. But even that beats the other stretcher, the one that goes down there.

Happy new year.


mielikki said...

I *heart* Calvin and Hobbes. I still wish he'd draw some more of them. Sigh.

The Anonymous Therapist said...

Happy 2008!

Just out of curiosity, what is a signal one? I've heard a lot of cryptic medical codes but that one eludes me.

Freadom said...

A code blue. Don't ask why we call it this, becaue I have no clue.

the anonymous therapist said...

Maybe to prevent people from knowing what it means. After all, Code Blue is pretty well-known in the general public I would think.