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Disclaimer: This blog contains a combination wisdom, opinion and irreverent humor about the respiratory therapy profession. All posts are intended to provide insight into the profession of respiratory therapy. All incidents and dialogue, and all characters, with the exception of a few well-known historical figures, or where specific permission is granted, are generalizations. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is merely coincidental. Opinions will always be politically incorrect if necessary to provide an accurate picture of the profession. If you disagree with an opinion expressed on this blog, feel free to state your opinion in a respectful manner and offer evidence to support your argument.  All opinions expressed on this blog are those of the respective authors and do not represent the views of their places of employment nor the RT Cave

Mission statement:  Respiratory Therapy Cave was established to portray an accurate, non-politically correct view of the profession of respiratory therapy. The goal is: "Do not write like everyone else." 

Can you quote our authors? Feel free to quote the RT Cave and any of its authors at your will. However, this blog is meant to be a source to greater wisdom, and therefore, where appropriate and possible, authors will provide links to sources so you may do further research.

Who created this: This site was created by John Bottrell.  The executive editor and blogger are Rick Frea. Regular contributors are Jane Sage and Will Lessons and of course Mr. Bottrell himself on occasion. (Note: Rick Frea, Jane Sage, and Will Lessons have retired. They will, however, make occasional contributions.) Mr. Bottrell is a regular contributor for and for
RT Cave designThe Drawings in the header are compliments of Dash Shaw, who drew the comics written by Rick Frea at  The header was created by Rick Frea thanks to Everyday Morgan and Google Drawing.

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