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Monday, February 6, 2017

Mini CPAP approved by FDA

It would be nice if we had a picture of this. But, at the present time, none are available. However, ResMed has announced that the FDA has approved the world's smallest CPAP machine, called the Air Mini. The product will be launched later this year.

The machine is small enough to fit easily into a travel bag. It is also small enough to fit into the pouch on the back of seats on airplanes. The company suggests that it will be an easy to operate secondary CPAP machine.

They will probably market it to medical equipment providers, noting that it will be another means for making a profit. It will benefit patients because it should improve compliance and convenience. They also say it is silent and comfortable.

I wonder how long it will take before we see one of these in the hospital setting. I wonder how long it will be before someone comes up with an iCPAP.

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