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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The "Recovered" Asthmatic: Asthma Symptom-Free And Reckless

These are often child asthmatics who grow up and no longer have asthma symptoms so they do some unwise things -- like smoke. When their asthma comes back, they are in a world of hurt.

People don't "outgrow" their asthma. Asthma is a chronic illness and there is no cure. If you had asthma, but you no longer have asthma symptoms, chances are that you still have asthma.

But Recovered asthmatics don't think so. They may throw caution and proper asthma management to the wind now that they no longer cough, wheeze and struggle to breathe the way they did as children. But smoking is one of the worst asthma triggers and can cause serious lung damage, especially for asthmatics.

Asthma Attitude: "I don't have asthma anymore so I can do what I want."

Asthma Strengths
: None.

Asthma Weaknesses: They make poor decisions because they don't suffer daily with asthma symptoms.

Lessons to Live By: Remember that once you have asthma, you pretty much always have asthma. Once you are free of asthma symptoms, work with your doctor to tailor a plan that keeps you that way. And enjoy living with no symptoms!

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