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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Doubting Thomas Asthmatic

Some adults just contribute the gradually increasing shortness of breath to aging.  So when they present to the emergency room, and you offer an asthma remedy, they doubt they have a need for it.  They probably would not even have sought help if not for the insistence of their wives.  They are, no doubt, your prototypical Doubting Thomas Asthmatics.  While I came up with the idea, it was my publisher who came up with this name.  You gotta love it!  You can probably throw COPDers into this category as well.

You can read the accompanying article: "Doubting Thomas Asthmatic: The Modest Asthmatic."
The Doubting Thomas is an adult with asthma symptoms or who has recently been diagnosed with asthma who just doesn't believe that asthma is their problem, and they may avoid treatment because of their doubt. But Rick Frea knows what to do with them. Illustrated by Dash Shaw.  Originally published at

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