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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kid asthmatics love their respiratory therapists

The final asthma comic I did was not supposed to be my last.  However, after I wrote this one the comic budget was cut and no further comics were made.  Sad!  It was such fun doing these.  Plus I had not even gotten into the Goofus and Gallant Asthmatic posts that I had initially planned to do.  I eventually did write some posts with these characters, although these weren't as fun as the comics would have been.

This last post was based on a true story.  I was sitting here in the RT Cave when one of my senior coworkers (her name was Joella), said to me, "You know what!  I remember one night...," What she told triggered my memory and the idea for my last comic.  You can read the accompanying post, "Kid Asthmatics love Their Respiratory Therapists."
While hospitalized with asthma symptoms as a child, I encountered many different respiratory therapists -- some more warm and compassionate than others. Years later, he discovers that one of his co-workers
had left a special impression on him. Illustrated by Dash Shaw. Originally published at

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