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Monday, August 31, 2015

The phlegmatic asthmatic

There was an asthma kit I received when I was 14 with a game a comic book and an asthma game that taught you how to deal with an asthma attack.  One of the things it mentioned was the wet noodle technique to help you relax. You just basically pretend you are a wet noodle and go limp. It was actually a nice way of teaching kids to work on relaxation techniques, or to be more like a peaceful phlegmatic asthmatic.  Thus was the topic of comic strip #6. You may also read the accompanying post: "The Phlegmatic Asthmatic."

John Bottrell has had asthma so long that it has become a normal part of his life. As a child, he used the "wet noodle" technique to keep calm during an asthma attack. It works, but he's learned that asthma management is even better. Illustrated by Dash Shaw. (Originally published at