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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Albuterol leading treatment for random dyspnea

While it has always been assumed, the Real Physician's Creed Association has now officially declared Albuterol a top line treatment for all dyspnea.

"Treat as bronchospasm first and then differentiate.  Never doubt that there is underlying bronchospasm," said RPCA chair Dr. Ven Tolin.

The decision was the result of a five minute panel discussion based on a complaint by RATS NEST president Mike Olin.  "We are deeply disappointed in this decision," Olin said, "We figured they would have at least given equal time to considering FUROSESONEROLAQUINOX, the latest treatment for miscellaneous dyspnea.

Olin added, "I'm very frustrated.  The medical profession has a long history of being resistant to change unless that change results in more needless work for respiratory therapists and nurses. This sort of adds credence to the saying, 'Why think when you can just order albuterol?'"

Dr. Muster of the Faux Society for the American Medical Association responded to Olin's comments by saying: "I think Olin is one of the brightest men in the medical profession.  Still, all the studies in the world that show albuterol only cures bronchospasm simply don't make sense.  The fact that ordering albuterol makes us feel we did something good is all the proof you need that all pulmonary disorders --and many other disorders too -- benefit from a dose of nebulized albuterol."

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