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Monday, November 3, 2014

Can you take cold and flu medicine with COPD and Asthma?

Your Question:  Can I take cold and flu syrup for my COPD?

My Answer: Let me put it this way. When I was a kid I suffered from severe asthma due to severe allergies.  When I had a cold my asthma got even worse.  Yet regardless of how much I sniffed and sneezed, my asthma doctor insisted that I not be given any antihistamines nor any cold medicine.  One of the main reasons was because of a warning that existed back then (it was way back in the 1980s) that said: "May cause bronchospasm in cases of asthma."  The end result was that I needlessly suffered.

The fact of the matter is, in cases like this, any benefits of medicine outweigh the disadvantages. Still, when we're talking about cold and flu medicines, side effects tend to be negligible anyway.  So any wise asthma or COPD physician should not deny you the right to such relief as can be obtained from such medicines.

That said, you may still wish to heed the warning of my fellow healthcare experts at ., as there are a few medicines that may interact with cough syrup.  Likewise, you will want to make sure cough is not a symptom of a COPD or asthma flare up that could be treated with other medicine.  So it's always a good idea to work with your physician in order to come up with a plan for such instances.

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