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Saturday, January 11, 2014

New 'Olins hit the market

Here are some new 'olins in the long line of ventolin-type therapeutic medicaments. Perhaps you have observed the effects of these medicaments at a hospital near you.  I know I have.

224: Seizurebuterol

Symptoms:  intractable pain, Seizure

Diagnosis:  Ketoacidosis; epilepsy;

Frequency:  QID

Effect:  Sooths and relaxes the myelen sheaths in the cerebral cortex to minimize spasms of the head and shoulders.  May be alternated with headandshouldersuterol.  The medicine should be given at a frequency of QID.  Pulmilubricort should be given BID to lubricate the albuterol particles to help crossage of the blood-brain barrier.  

225:  Pulmilubricort: Should be given with any ventolin product whereby the desired action is to cross the blood brain barrier to generate some type of calming effect within the mind and body. This medicine smooths and lubricates albuterol products so that they can easily squeeze through the blood brain barrier without being seen by the blood-brain police.  May have best effect if given with abscondlin.  Some examples of 'olins that would benefit with the addition of pulmilubricort: Palbuterol, Hiccuputerol, Exorcistobuterol, Revivolin, etc.  It may also be trialed with Muchtolateagain in an effort to stimulate the brain of a patient in cardiopulmonary arrest.  

226.  Abscondlin: Specially coated molecule that allows albuterol byproduct to elude the blood barrier police department to surreptitiously make an illegal crossing of the blood brain barrier.  Very effective when trying to treat any disorder causing seizures, or where there is a high risk of seizure, including keto acidosis, drug overdose, ETOH, detoxification, epilepsy, etc.  It is also effective as an alternate therapy for albuterol products intended to ease the pain and suffering of the patient, caregiver, or family members.  There are many combinations that may be effective, such as Palbuterol, 

For the rest of the list, click here. If you have observed similar misuse of ventolin therapies, please inquire within and share your wisdom.  

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