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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Every new year most of us make some sort of resolution that we vow to continue throughout the new year.  The RT Cave proposes that all respiratory therapists make the effort this year to focus, not the patient this year, but charting. 

I know we sound like RT Bosses in changing the emphasis from the patient to charting, but after the patient is taken care of, there is nothing more important than accurate charting, with part of charting being accurate billing.  

It's important, folks.  If you didn't chart it you didn't do it, and if you didn't do it the hospital can't bill for it.  And if you didn't do it, a lawyer can cause some major headaches for you.  

Every one of us charts by unique means, both individually and as an institution. We encourage you, by whatever means you chart, to slow down, chart correctly, and make no errors.  

If nothing else, your RT Boss will earn more respect for you.  

Next year's resolution:  no complaining.  

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