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Thursday, October 10, 2013

35 reasons we love Hospitalists

Here's 35 reasons we here at the RT Cave love hospitalists:
  1. They are easy to approach, 
  2. They tend to be open to suggestions, and
  3. In a crisis they are readily available
  4. The physician can see directly the patient's status, so
  5. You don't always have to explain the patient's status over the phone.
  6. They often enter their own orders, so
  7. They make the unit secretaries job easier and less stressful
  8. They stay in house, so
  9. They don't get grumpy because the nurse interrupted a fishing trip.
  10. They are held accountable for their actions, because
  11. They are contracted by the hospital
  12. They are adaptive to change and
  13. Readily accept new wisdom.
  14. Ventilator patients can be weaned at normal hours (as opposed to at 4 a.m).
  15. Patients can be extubated at any time of the day, as opposed to around office hours.
  16. They work shifts with nurses and therapists, and, therefore,
  17. Are likely to become friends and not just acquaintances, therefore,
  18. They tend to be kind to those with lesser degrees,
  19. They participate in hospital social potlucks, and buy goodies (like donuts).
  20. They are readily available for discussing patient care. 
  21. They are readily available to receive test results.
  22. The allow for more complicated cases to be admitted (as opposed to being shipped).  Therefore,
  23. They are loved by the administration (which makes everyone happy). And,
  24. Emergency room doctors love their accessibility.
  25. They are loved by patients, because
  26. They are easily available to patients, and
  27. They are very kind to the patients, and
  28. They explain complicated medical stuff in a pithy manor, and
  29. They smile and say, "If there's anything you need, one of us is always available."
  30. They are among the team, as opposed to above it
  31. They are referred to by their title as opposed to by name, just like RTs (example, "Hey, where the heck is respiratory?"  "Please call the Hospitalist!"  
  32. They develop apathy and burnout and develop dry senses of humor, just like respiratory therapists, 
  33. So they develop blogs like the Happy Hospitalist, and
  34. Create humorous blog entries like this.  Plus,
  35. They get smarter by reading magazines like Today's Hospitalist.
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Jodi Knapp/Today's Hospitalist said...

I will be sure to share with our readership. It is always nice to have the positive side highlighted, especially when hospitalist movement is "new" (relatively) and skeptics abound.

Rick Frea said...

Due to your kindness I have updated the post and provided you with a plug. Thanks.