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Friday, September 13, 2013

How do you store used nebulizers?

What do you do with the nebulizers after the breathing treatment is done? I find that every therapist I follow does something different, and every hospital I have worked at has a different policy.  Consider the following:
  1. Stuff it in a bag with the tubing
  2. Wrap the tubing around the neb and stuff all in a bag
  3. Leave tubing over flowmeter, and stuff neb in bag
  4. Leave bag on floor, and toss neb and tubing askew on window sill
  5. Leave nebulizer on patient's face (yeah, you forgot to end the treatment)
  6. Leave nebulizer and tubing on side of bed (yeah, you forgot to finish the job)
  7. Coil the oxygen tubing around the nebulizer so it takes your coworker a full five minutes to uncoil the tubing. 
  8. Leave the neb in a plastic bad, and the tubing hanging from the wall
  9. Leave no neb in the room, leaving one to wonder "where is it?"
How do you store used nebulzers?

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