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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another new respiratory therapy website

I have found a very interesting and informative respiratory therapy website that you guys and gals may wish to check out.  It's a site dedicated to respiratory therapy wisdom.  The site postulates respiratory therapy related questions, allowing readers to test their knowledge to see if they can come up with the correct answer.  I have read over quite a few of the question and answer sections, and it was, in all cases, either very educational or a great review.

The site has actually been around for a couple years, so I'm surprised I didn't know it existed until today. However, in my defense, I have little kids.  But, now that I know about it, you can be sure I'll be checking it out from time to time, as I do other RT related sites, blogs, and magazines.  So, go ahead and click on over to and test your wisdom today.

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