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Monday, April 22, 2013

You need to follow this Facebook Page

I think I should start creating list of Facebook Pages to follow.  One of my favorites is National Alliance of Respiratory Care Professionals.  They have some pretty good discussions.  And whether or not you choose to participate, it makes for some good reading.  For the most part, it's interesting to see that other RTs think a lot like you and me.

For instance, the latest post is this:
Based on a few of the comments from yesterdays discussion regarding unnecessary nebulizers and inhalers; it is true that it may not cause harm directly, but the harm is caused by adding unnecessary costs. For example, the cost of the RT's time, the equipment, the medications etc. According to the American Hospital Association, there are 5,724 registered hospitals in the United States. The costs of unnecessary therapy could be staggering. Providing unnecessary therapy just for the sake of "doing something" should not be acceptable. This is why "assess and treat" protocols should be a minimum standard in all of these 5,000+ hospitals. This is another example of how Respiratory Therapists can help reduce costs.
One hundred fifty five people liked it, and almost 20 commented.   I like these people.  I hope they can sway the profession in the right direction.  I don't always agree with them, but at least they give the average Rt like you and me a voice, and a place to voice our voice.

To link to their page click here.  If you don't have a Facebook account, you should get one for no other reason than to follow these good folks.

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