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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Would you like to live to 100?

When I was in college my friends and I had very interesting conversations, one of which was whether or not we'd like to live to be 100-years-old.  Most of them said they would not, considering the chances of living that long and still do the things they loved to do was minimal.  I took the side of: yes I would.

If I could live to be 100 and still be able to use my faculties, I'd be happy.  I think it would be neat to reflect back on 100 years, and share my experiences with those interested in hearing my story.  I also think it would be neat if I could type, so I could blog.

There was an old lady who supposedly was the oldest blogger in the world a few years ago.  I actually wrote about it somewhere on this blog, at least I think I did.  She died and her blog jumped in popularity. I thought that was neat.  I think it would be neat to tell stories on a blog from the perspective from: I've been here 100 years.

Can you imagine how neat it would be to read a blog written by your grandma or grandma, or, better, your great grandparents. My grandparents would be able to tell stories of what it was like during the transition from horse and buggy to cars, or from no TVs to TVs.

We, meaning you and me, would be able to write about the transition from no computers to computers, from no microwaves to microwaves, from no iPads and iPhones to having them, along with Kindles and Nooks and the like.  Plus we could write about our opinions of politicians and political views, and gloat where we were right and admit when we were wrong (for me it would be basically where I was right.  I will be able to write: see, I told you so.)

So you know, today's post was inspired by Emily Brandon's January 11, 2013, article "What people who live to 100 have in common."  Yes, most are female.  If you are a guy, chances are you'll be dead long before 100.  I actually think that will change, though, considering 100 years ago most women stayed home and took care of 10-20 kids, and now they have the same jobs men do, and many live just as poorly in order to relieve stress.

So this, combined with better medicine, may result in more people living longer, and probably an equal number of both sexes.  Now, this is just a guess.  It's also neat to note here that the Bible says people will not live much longer than 100, and so far this prediction holds true.

Would you want to live to be 100?


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