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Friday, April 19, 2013

3 results of working same job too long

After you do the same job for many years the following three mental lapses occur:

1.  ApathyLack of interest in things that concern other poeple because you have seen them so often (to me they would be trauma, sickness, respiratory distress, death  -- someone is dying (yadayada)
2.  Burnout: Fatigue from doing the same thing over and over; overwork; working to exhaustion (may lead to apathy)
3. Inanition :  Lack of mental entheusiasm due to lack of mental stimilation (lack of a challenge.  You start to say things like: "Yeah, been there done that.")


Nick Dupree said...

Your rounds must not have any ventboys....

Rick Frea said...

I actually wrote this post because I thought it would be cool to use the word inanition. We actually did have a vent the other day, and it was kind of nice to use those skills.