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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another frivolous use for Ventolin

I'm telling you you can't make this stuff up folks.  I was called to the recovery room to give a breathing treatment.  Upon arriving in recovery I said to the nurses:  "You need a breathing treatment, or want one?"

The nurses directed me to the patient.  "She needs a treatment," the nurse said.

The patient in question was sitting in high fowlers position and appeared to be in no respiratory disterss.  He was kid.  Right then the doctor arrived. 

"Oh, yeah," the doctor said, "His lung sounds are clear, but when his breathing slows down his sat starts to drop.  I figured a treatment might help."

I smiled and said, "So, what you want is for me to give a Ventolin breathing treatment to increase his tidal volume so his sat stays up?"

"Sure," the doctor said, confidently. 

I guess this is yet another example that proves my adage that instead of thinking just call respiratory. 

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