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Sunday, January 6, 2013

You have a right to be stupid

I believe people have  right to be stupid.  You have the same right to be stupid as I have to try to be smart. Yet on the other hand, how do you define smart?  While I consider myself smart, some people may think I'm stupid.  So by the law of averages, you cannot get rid of stupid.

You can make laws up the ying yang, and stupid will still exist.  Consider the following facts:
  • Smoking is proven to kill.  Period.
  • Tanning beds are proven to increase the aging process and cause cancer
  • Seat belts save lives
  • Helmets for motorcyclists save lives
  • Helmets save bikers
  • Marijuana kills brain cells
  • Most crimes are linked to drugs
  • Health insurance is a good thing
  • Too much salt is bad (although modern evidence suggests this is a myth too)
  • Too many carbs are bad
  • Too much fried food is bad
Yet who am I to say you have to do all these things, or not do them.  This is why I believe attempts by Congress to end stupidity are frivolous. This is especially true when what we view as harmful today we later learn are not harmful.


CajunGal said...

If Congress is trying to stop stupidity, then they need look no further than their own membership.

The old saying really applies here: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks".

You never cease to stick your neck out on the big issues. I like that in a blogger. ;-)

Rick Frea said...

Agreed. If it were a safe blog it wouldn't be much worth reading.