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Friday, December 28, 2012

What other careers would I do?

Once a person does a certain job for so long forces begin to pull at the neurons of your mind, pulling your thoughts in various directions.  For example:

1.  Boredom; monotony, sameness, redundancy
2.  God!  I love my job
3.  It would be nice to experience something new
4.  I have no other skills, so I'm content

I think the factory job would cause monotony, and the only person I think who'd truly LOVE their work are those who get to play games for a living, such as Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrerra.  Yet there are many of us who convince ourselves how much we love our jobs.

So I'll say it:  I love my job. Man it feels good to say it.  I love my job... in theory.  If I could do the job I was trained to do in RT school I'd be the happiest man in the U.S.  I'd be totally content with my life.

1. Computer programer
2. Webpage designer
3. Writer.
4. Advertising Copy writer (I'd love to write TV Commercials, and I'm educated to do it too.  Yet it's a highly competitive field, and you have to care a lot about how you look, and wear suits too.  So I was told by a teacher once I'd never fit in.  However, I was also told by one of my RT teachers I'd never be a good RT either, and look at me now. 

Anyway, if I ever decided to quit this, or if I ever got ambitious, I'm sure there's options out there for me.  I guess I am a writer, sort of. Chances are, though, I'll be stuck under the respiratory umbrella until I retired when I'm (ahem) 58.

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