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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Should a DUI keep you out of school

Your question:   I am interested in becoming an RT and have been doing some research on it. I came across your blog and found it to be really resourceful. I
wanted to ask you a question regarding the RT Licensure. In your experience
and knowledge, do you know if it's even possible for me to get licensed if I
have a D.U.I in my record? It is about 6 years ago, and will be about 8 when
I am done with school. It's the only thing stopping me from starting school.

My humble answer:  I have a friend who had a DWI in 1994 and he started RT school in 1995 and was hired in 1997.  He's since gone on to become one of the finest RTs in the business.  So I would suspect you'd be fine.  He says he was never even questioned about it and never brought it up.  He checked his record after 5-6 years and it wasn't even on it anymore.  So don't let such a scar stop you from going to school.  If nothing else, turning your life around by going to school and getting a degree may show potential bosses of your good character. Overall, if you can sell yourself as a good person and a good RT you should have no problem getting hired.

However, things have changed since 1995.  You may want to call the school and see what they say.  You may also want to see if it's even on your record anymore, as such things are erased after so many years of good behavior.

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Faith Brady said...

This is an interesting topic, and a lot of people are also looking for an answer to that question. But just like you’ve said, there have been a lot of changes since 1995. From what we know now, it always depends on the state of where it happened or filed. Because there are some states like Florida that holds the record for 75 years. But for other states, they hold them for a minimum of 10 years. So if 10 years have passed since the filing, then he’s definitely safe. Thanks for sharing!

Faith Brady @ K. Hunter, PLLC