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Friday, October 5, 2012

Test: Cord Blood Gases

Let's see how much you guys have been paying attention to my blog. What follows are two cord blood gases and a few questions:

  • pH 7.36
  • CO2 42.8
  • PO2 33.7
  • SO2 80.5
  • FO2Hb 75.7
  • HCO3 23.8
  • BE -1.1
  • pH 7.27
  • CO2 58.8
  • PO2 12.3
  • SO2 19.5
  • FO2Hb 18.8
  • HCO3 26.3
  • BE -1.3

1. Which one of the above is arterial and which one is venous?

2. Are these results normal or critical?

3. What did you use for the basis to answer question #2? Or, how do you determine if a cord blood gas is critical?

4. If you can only draw venous or arterial from the cord, which would you rather have: venous or arterial?

5. Do cord blood gases have clinical significance?

I will provide the answers at 1900 tonight, or you can find them in this post.  Share your answers in the comments below, if you're confident.  And so you know, I asked these same questions to all my coworkers, and not one of them got the right answers.

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