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Saturday, July 14, 2012

"I feel like such a baby!"

Yes she was agitated, sweating profusely, and complaining of agonizing stomach, chest and back pain.  She was so uncomfortable she could barely sit still.  She was uncharacteristically complaining.  She said, "I feel like such a baby!"

Yet she wasn't being a baby at all.  In some cases I'd say, "Yes!  You are being a baby."  But in her case, she was being a hero to herself.  She was biting the bullet and seeking help. Even if she gets a clean bill of health, at least she'll know she's okay and the pain is just superficial.

Yet what if she stayed home and was having the big one?  What if she was having an aneurysm?  What if?  She couldn't take the chance.  In fact, chances are she already waited too long. She waited too long because she was a mom of five, a wife, and a tough woman. 

There are too many people in the world too modest to seek help when they should.  It's better to come in and be told you're fine than to stay home and risk dying.


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