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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Turn it off at the door

So it's Monday morning and you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Or perhaps you're grumpy every Monday morning.  Or perhaps you're always grumpy because it's your personality.  Or perhaps your grumpy because you're sick and tired of people calling you for stupid reasons.

Well it's not my problem.  Don't be grumpy to me because of something that has nothing to do with me.  This brings us to RT Cave Rule # 54:
RT Cave Rule #55:  If you're grumpy, turn it off at the door of the patient's room.
Everybody has days when they are grumpy.  There are days when I'm grumpy.  Yet 99.567% of the time I turn it off at the door to the patient's room.  It's not the patients fault that I'm having a bad day.

I think in any profession you work with people you're going to get sick and tired of people.  I know that in the ER you get so many people who don't need to be there.  You get stupid people taking their kids to the ER for a common cold, and then you have people with truly sick kids who don't follow directions and end up with a kid that's even sicker.

So you get people burn out.  You get stupid people burn out.  Yet it's not my fault.  When my wife calls the doctors office on Monday morning, it' s not her fault you let yourself become grumpy.  So don't take it out on her.  Don't take it out on me.  Don't take it out on the patient.

This brings us to RT Cave Rule #56:
RT Cave Rule #56:  Smile when you're talking on the phone, it will make it easier to be pleasant.

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