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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The world revolves around social people (extroverts)

There's this old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  I think it's common wisdom that extroverts tend to be squeaky wheels more so than introverts.  Therefore, I've concluded that the world revolves around extroverts.

Consider singing in school.  Many extroverts love singing, so they think everyone should sing.  Yet you have the introvert or shy kid who doesn't feel comfortable, yet he's still pressured into singing. You can see him way in the back, if you look close, and he's probably lip sinking.  His face might be red.

The introvert may have allergies and asthma, and this coupled with his shyness has other kids picking on him, maybe pounding him in the chest or something like that.  This happens because he's not talkative, and not social as the extroverts are.

You have TV shows like iCarly and all the actors are extroverts.  They make fun of people who have allergies and might be, well, shy.

Looking at our history we only had one president who was an introvert, and he only became president because he was vice president when Warren G. Harding was killed (or committed suicide).  The president I'm referring to was Calvin Coolidge, or silent Cal.

Extroverts in Washington don't have time to read their history or their economics 101 courses, so they make laws without really knowing what their doing.

You have doctors who do things they were taught (like not oxygenating COPD patients) based on theories from the 1930s, and even though we know better now the old methods are still worshipped.  We introverts try to stop this, yet it continues to go on.

The world is run by extroverts, I surmise, and introverts are just along for the ride, forced to live in an extrovert world.  You dance, we watch.  You talk, we read and learn.  We know, yet you feel and believe. 


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