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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Theory: Nice patients are those who believe

I wrote a while back that good patients are the best patients and good patients go to be with the angels. If you have a patient who is downright miserable upon learning of his fate, or extremely depressed, those are the patients who believe they are going to die and just be gone.

Those patients who are happy even up to the moment their heart stops the flow of blood through the bodies pipes are, more often than not, those who believe in the afterlife. And I would surmise these same patients had a very good life they are leaving behind, and a better world because of it.

Of course this is just my theory, yet I do believe it to be true just based upon my own observations. One of the things I do upon reviewing charts is check to see if the patient has a religion, or I simply ask, or I simply observe the Bible or other such elements, and determine the patient is a believer.

Then I get to know the patient by default. If I find the patient is grumpy, or demanding, or cantankerous, I notch this up as another bit of evidence my theory is in fact true.

I recently stumbled upon another blog called Christian with a view. I have my own view on religion as all people do, yet I found this blog very thought provoking, and intelligent discussion provoking, which is something I love.

I'm one of those people who simply love an intelligent discussion. I don't care if it's with someone I agree with or other. Actually, I find that no two people have the same opinion, which I suppose explains why even conservative christian republicans even disagree among themselves.

Anyway, this blogger reminded me of my theory of the good patient. And I'm not implying that all people who don't believe in God are crabby either. I just think all people have a tendency to be good. Yet, as a rule of thumb, I've observed most happy patients are religions to some degree, and believers.

Your thoughts.

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