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Saturday, October 15, 2011

You cannot take away all risk in life

No matter how many rules and laws you create, and no matter how good your healthcare system is, you cannot prevent people from dying.  You will never remove all risk.  It's simply not possible.

So you have an old person who is fat, smokes and never exercises, and he lives to be 100 years old.  Then you can also have a young person who does everything right and drops dead of a heart attack or brain aneurism. 

You cannot take the risk out of life.  You can force us to wear seat belts.  You can force us to eat healthy.  You can force us to exercise.  You can force us not to smoke.  You can force us to avoid allergens.  Yet left there is the risk that we might drop dead.  It's still there.  People will still die.


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