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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The word

Genesis 12: 1-4
Matthew 17: 1-9
Timothy 1: 8-10

Do you believe in God.  Many people say they believe in God.  In the United States about 85 percent in most polls say they believe in God.  Yet I think it is obvious that the percentage is far less than 85 percent.  There are many people who say they believe, and they they live a life opposite what Jesus would preach.

I think most people who enter the medical field love other people, otherwise they wouldn't choose this line of work. Yet does love of other people truly show that a person is in tune with the "WORD" of God.  Those who hear the word of God are many, yet those who truly live by the word of god are few.

Now I don't mean to get get all religious and all on a medical blog, yet we all know that medicine and religion are akin to the arms and legs on a person:  you cannot have one without the other and have a complete life.  You can have fun with one and not the other, yet you'll still lack completeness.

The people who hear the word, those who truly receive the word, are few and they are the ones who will be the beacon of hope for all who are troubled in this world.  When the times are good, everyone will feel joy and awe.  Yet when times are troubled as they are now, those who truly hear the word are the ones who truly can provide hope for all others.

We must remember that to believe in God, to hear the word, is to know that God is values and virtues and principles.  Anyone who truly hears the word of God will live as God would want us to live, or as Jesus would want us to live.  He would not think about himself first, yet he would do what was right.

Again, there are many of us who say we believe, yet there are few who truly believe.  Those who truly believe will live by "the word" every day during the course of our lives.

I think a perfect example is the lady who lives next door to me who has not paid her mortgage payment in d15 months.  She is a very religious, very Christian person who believes in God and attends church on a regular basis, yet has not paid her mortgage in 15 months.  So now she is forced to move out, and says she's going to take everything from the toilet seats and even perhaps the carpet.

Now, if this person truly believed in God, and she didn't pay her bills, she would not be so concerned with these material items, she would be concerned for God, family, and then other things.  She would value life before things.  She would follow principals, and she would not be trying to make a gain at her own poor decision making.

She would realize that she is responsible for her own decisions.

A beacon of light for every one else.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but in the United States 90 percent say they believe in God.

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