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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Report shows medicare encourages drug shopping

It appears our government has made it easy for Medicare recipients to shop around for doctors willing to fill prescriptions for painkillers.  Not only that, but government officials have been aware of such abuse for some time and did nothing about it.

This is according to a New York Times report, "Report on Medicare Cites Prescription Drug Abuse," by Robert Pear in the October 3, 2011, issue of the New York Times.  The report, compiled by the Government Accountability Office, found that over 170,000 Medicare recipients "received prescriptions for five or more pain killers."

The most common pain killers abused are:

  • Oxycodones (Oxycontin and Percocet)
  • Hydrocodones
I agree with the facetious statement of MDOD that this is another perfect example of how we should have the government run the entire healthcare industry.  We need more bureaucrats and we need more healthcare decisions made by people in Washington as opposed to people close to the patients.

Yes I too am being facetious.  The real solution here is to get the government out of the healthcare industry.  The real solution is to let us take care of the patients.  See my solution to fixing the healthcare crisis.


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