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Monday, September 19, 2011

Nasal congestion linked to severe asthma

Of course we've known for quite some time that nasal congestion can be an asthma trigger, yet a new study shows that nasal congestion may also be the main culprit when it comes to severe asthma.

The journal of Respiratory Research, and reported here at, was the first to publish the findings of a study done in Sweden. The results are significant because it's the first to estimate the "prevalence" of asthma in a given population. In Sweden, the number of Severe Asthmatics is estimated to be about 2 percent.

Nasal symptoms may be sinusitis, rhinitis (hay fever), runny nose and colds are all linked to causing nasal congestion. This is significant to asthma because sinus drainage makes its way to the lungs and triggers asthma.

The study author noted these results are significant because, "effective treatment for troublesome nasal and sinus complaints could, in theory, reduce the risk of severe asthma, though this is something that needs further research... and this may lead to new forms of treatment in the long run."

I think scientists have already been working on medicines to help with nasal congestion. Perhaps this might be an incentive to speed up research in this area.

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