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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here's what I believe...

For one thing, I believe any of us could be wrong.

I believe facts are facts and cannot be disputed (like 2+2=4).  I believe a theory is a theory, yet sometimes we treat theories as facts.  No opinion is wrong.

I believe it doesn't matter what religion you are, so long as you believe.

I think that even those who murder can get to Heaven if they truly change inside.

I believe (and studies confirm) true believers are more likely to handle adversity.  For example, a religious patient recently diagnosed with cancer is more likely to be a happy and pleasant patients than one who doesn't believe.

I believe there is a place like purgatory where our souls can remain on earth. I believe these souls are the Angels of Heaven.  While I'm a Catholic the church can and is wrong on some issues.

I believe that Western Society was the result of Christianity. I believe this because this was the first religion that encouraged people to be good to one another and do your best to make the world better as a means of getting to Heaven. This philosophy resulted in the Magna Carta and then the U.S. Constitution and, hence, freedom.

I believe that you can be wrong and still be my best friend. Ah, but that is the Christian way.

I believe you can be wrong and still get to Heaven.

I believe you can be other religions too and get to Heaven.

I believe you can disagree with everything I write and still enjoy my philosophy, and vice versal.

I believe their is a doctor somewhere and someplace who reads my blog and agrees with my view that bronchodilators are the most abused medicines in the hospital (Maybe second next to Tylenol, yet that's open to debate).

I believe decisions should be made based on facts as opposed to feelings, and that most of the wrongs in the world are the result of decisions made on feelings and ignorance as opposed to fact.

I know the U.S. Founding fathers -- people like Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine -- knew democracies always ended in tyrany and that's why they chose to make America a republic. If you don't believe me you should study Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece.

Considering this fact, I think it's funny most people think the U.S. is a democracy.

I believe some ignorance is a product of laziness, yet most ignorance is a product of other responsibilities (like the need raise a family and spend time with your kids).

So if the U.S. were a democracy every voter would be expected to show up and be informed.  The founders knew this type of system never works, that more and more people quit showing up to discuss policies and vote, and one tyranical dictator -- See Augustus as one example --of one political affiliation is the result.

The founders didn't want the U.S. to fall to dictatorship.  They knew most of us don't have time to be truly informed, so they created a republic.  In this way, politicians are expected to stay informed.  If they don't, we -- the voters -- hold them accountable.  

I believe if you are a politician you ought to read and make yourself wise. Well, I believe we all ought to do that, but especially politicians.  I believe politicians should not be allowed to buy votes, and that includes signing bills that only benefit their constituents at the expense of the rest of us.  By golly, why should I have to pay for a bridge in Alaska?  Why would I care about the sexual behaviors of shrimp?  I don't, and therefore -- I believe -- my tax dollars shouldn't go there.

I believe all Americans ought to learn as much as possible about American history, lest we are doomed to return to the old ways the founders sought to get away from.

I believe schools ought to teach all points of views, especially those of which the teachers might disagree with, and let the kids decide.  I believe -- strongly so -- that teachers ought not teach theory as fact.

I believe we ought to lead by example as opposed to other methods.

I believe if we force our kids to do things our way we will stifle creativity.  I believe we ought not convince young impressionable kids their parents are wrong.

I believe if Washington forces hospitals to run their business the same way, that  we will stifle creativity,  and we will stifle imaginations,  and we will prevent progress.  I believe if we force every hospital to do it the same way we prevent competition that results in innovations that would make our health care system better than it is right now.

I believe freedom breeds innovation, as we can see by the 1920s and 1980s.

I believe in God.

I believe people ought to prioritize: God, wife, kids, other people, other things.

I believe those adults who speak the most know the least.

I believe those who are silent appear to be the wisest, although they may not be.

I believe we ought to read and think before we speak.

I believe we ought to read and think before we make laws.

I believe every law results in one freedom taken away, so we ought to have few laws and enforce them with a heavy stick.

I believe it is better to do nothing than to do something stupid.

I believe the Internet should remain free.

I believe that freedom is fragile.

I believe that every tax dollar given to the government is one more job lost that we will not even see because what we do see is that dollar being spent by the government.

I believe people ought to be open minded as opposed to dogmatic in their views.

I believe people should be open to change.

I believe stupidity is the result of pride, ignorance or dishonesty.

I believe if our health care system gets worse it's because of pride, ignorance or dishonesty.

If you believe you have the solution, and you force your solution on everyone else, they you better -- by God -- hope you are right.  I say this because once a new government program is enacted -- i.e. social security, Medicare -- it becomes a Holy grail of politics that no politician will want to touch.

I believe in Natural rights, such as we are all born with the right to speak, the right to breathe air, the right to eat, the right to sleep, the right to defend ourselves, the right to enter into a contract, the right to life, the right to liberty, the right to pursue happiness, and more.  I believe -- as did our founders -- that these rights cannot be taken away except for by government policy.

I believe if America faces another revolution, no matter how small, it's because of pride, ignorance or dishonesty.

I believe that Ventolin does not treat anything but bronchospasm, and that most people have no clue how to diagnose bronchospasm due to pride, ignorance or dishonesty.

I believe stupidity breeds stupidity.

I believe kids ought to look around the table tonight at dinner and see what they will be when they grow up, because most of us will end up just like our parents unless we choose not to.  I believe it takes an intelligent and strong willed child to see the flaws of his or her parents and step up and become better.

I believe a wise person will read material he does not agree with, and listen to people he does not agree with. I believe all ideas should be debated in the arena of ideas, and this should be done in a sensible fashion with level heads (and that this is easier said than done, because most people don't like to hear opposing viewpoints and would rather shut other people up than listen to them).

I believe everyone should have one vote, yet I think the way to euphoria is for everyone to do their homework before they cast that vote.

I believe we should reach for euphoria yet have the wisdom to know that we cannot reach it or ever achieve it.  We must know there will always be bad guys to defend ourselves against.  We must know there will always be stupid people.  We must know there will always -- either by choice or chance -- be impoverished folks.  We must know we cannot give everyone a job even in the most ideal society -- although we can strive to end poverty.

I believe every American will have at least one opportunity to improve his or her lot in life, if he or she chooses to take the effort to make that choice.

I believe everyone should take responsibility for their own actions that have either good or bad results.

I believe people should get their news from more than one source, lest they risk getting brainwashed.

I believe no two people have the same opinions on any subject.

I believe everyone should learn the truth, even when the truth hurts.

I believe even two people who agree disagree.

I believe opinions are just that, opinions.

I believe the secret to life is to follow each expiration with an inspiration.

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