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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Pride is important, and yet pride can drive you down to a miserable route in life. I say this because one must have a good opinion of himself in order to succeed in life. Yet too much pride can bring one down.

Think about it. In order to be confident and compitent you have to have some degree of pride. Likewise, in order to make it through life and to get to Heaven, you also have to be proud. Yet, then again, too much pride can earn you a fast route to Hell.

You must have respect for yourself. You must have respect for the people in your life. You must have respect for the possessions that are important in your life. You must appreciate what you have.

Yet if you have so much pride that you become arrogant, then that is not good. Arrogance means that you have so much pride in yourself that you suddenly think you are better than everyone else. You are the best. You are unique. You are all knowing. You are special.

A person with too much pride is a person with arrogance. A person who is arrogant thinks he knows what is best for everyone. Such a person believes that a person in Lansing, such a professional, should be making decisions for everyone else.

Of course when you are making deciscions for everyone else, you are assuming you are right. And you know what happens when you assume: you make an ass out of u and me.

Some psychologists believe that the opposite of pride is humility. Humility is the bringing down to earth of your thoughts of yourelf. Humility is when you put others before yourself. Humility is when you think that you are no better than anyone else.

Pride is having a high opinion of oneself. That can be good to a certain point. You have to feel good about yourself in order to succeed in whatever goals you want to succeed at. Yet at the same time you must have some degree of humility, or some self control.

Pride is a positive self evaluation. Smiles is pride. Lifting of the chin is pride. Slapping of high fives can be pride as in the celebration of victory.

Pride is good in that it can help a natin convince it's soldiers that it's nation is the best and is worth fighting for. It's good for a school in that having a positive opinion of your school can generate school pride that is needed to psyche up members of the team when trying to win a game, or generate good team spirit.

It's needed among fans to generate team spirit and support for a team. Likewise, National or state pride is needed to get soldiers psyched up about fighting a war or a battle. In this sense, pride is good. Pride,in this sense, can invole a feeling of accomplishment.

School pride can win a game, or it can convince a kid to study harder and to get a better GPA. Pride, in this sence, can make someone better. It can mae someone who is good better, and it can make someone who is not good try harder and more productive. Pride of a worker can make him a better worker.

Pride is good. Yet, again, too much pride is arrogance. To much pride can make one thing he is better than he thinks he is. Like a doctor who completes med school, he may think he knows more about the lungs than a respiratory therapist who does nothing but study the lungs for two straight years.

So since a doctor completes 8 years of school and several years of study, he can't possibly comprehend how someone with only an associate's degree can know more than he does in one area. Yet that's exactly what is when it comes to the lungs. RT Pride is so that since doctors won't let RTs use their education, RT pride is low. This equals low morale. This equals a lot of apathy among RTs.

It's a result of arrogance among doctors. I mean no disrespect to doctors, for they should be pride. Yet they should humble themselves enouigh to allow for the team approach. For the benefit of the patient, and the benefit of the PERSON who is the RT, the doctor needs to gain control of PRIDE and become HUMBLED.

That, my friends, is how you solve problems.

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