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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your choice: Eat healthy or don't eat healthy!!!

I read recently about how in New York some radicals have convinced legislatures to force restaurants into placing the ingredients of their foods somewhere visible on the walls of their restraurants. The goal here is to make people aware of what's in foods so they only eat the healthy stuff.

I don't have a problem with this being done locally, because it is local governments who should be experimenting in this way. However, while the goal by creating all these labels is to get people to make good choices, there has never been a study done that show they work.

Everywhere we look now there are labels, and there is a growing number of evidence that most people just ignore them. When I come across an agreement on the Internet I simply click yes and go on with my life. I don't want to waste my time reading all that Lawyer jargon.

When I want to eat healthy, I make the decision to purchase healthy foods. Yet at least once a week, and sometimes more often, my wife and I choose to eat out. When we do, we most certainly don't want to buy food that doesn't taste good. We want to buy food that has salt and high concentrations of triglycerides. We want to eat hearty.

So they can have labels on the walls of restaurants, or on the wrappers and napkins of McDonald's and Burger King, and I don't think it has ever stopped one person from eating a Big Mac if a Big Bac is on their minds. I don't think it stops them from eating french fries either.

I think we all know fast food is junk food and junk food is not good for us. Yet I think we can go back to the wisdom of our fathers that says, "Anything in moderation is a good thing."

Still, I think the ultimate goal of radicals is not simply to have signs on walls and napkins, they want to "force" restaurants and other food makers to make their foods healthier. A while back New York tried to pass a law making it illegal to put salt in food. They said they were doing this "for our own good."

Lest last I read it, the role of the U.S. Constitution is not to protect us from ourselves, it is to protect us from each other. So they start with napkins, and then it is printed on walls, and then they make laws that tell us what we can and cannot eat.

This all falls in line with their ultimate objective of a government run healthcare system. However, there's an old saying that lines up here well too: You are a slave to the person you are in debt to. If the government is flipping your bills, the government has a right to tell you what to do.

If the government is paying for your healthcare, then the government has a right to lell you what you can and cannot eat. The government has a right to keep you healthy.

And this is why we must be careful what we allow our government to do. The more laws enacted by Congress, the less freedoms you and I have.

Eating right should be a personal choice, not one forced upon us by a government. If you're like me, you're struggling all the time to stay healthy. Yet, if you're like me, life is stressful and you are not perfect.

So, eat well. Or, if you're in the mind for it, make the individual decision to eat poorly like this lady did.


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