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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The things you must do in life

A wise person once said that there are two things every person needs in life regardless of cost:

  1. A good bed to sleep on

  2. A good pair of shoes
My wife and I decided to add things to this short list:

  1. A camera to preserve memories

  2. Creating good memories
And even though my wife and are are frugal and put the people in our lives before material items, there are certain things one must do in life regardless of cost.

For example, my wife and I go to Florida each year regardless of cost. We usually spend time with my parents, and then we take the kids to Disney.

Once and a while we think that we should skip this trip, and instead do something more frugal with that money, like pay off our debt.

Yet then we reason that my parents aren't going to be alive forever, and our kids aren't going to be with us forever, and we should spend time with our parents and create memories for the kids.

So each year we go to Florida regardless of the cost. So, as the wise man said, there are things one must do in this life regardless of cost (and within reason of course).

Here we are on Easter Sunday and there are many people who have little or no money. Yet each kid should be visited by the Easter Bunny, regardless of cost. Happy Easter!!!!

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