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Friday, April 8, 2011

BiPAP is the new IPPB

So I had an IPPB ordered the other day, and this was the first time in a long time. It was the same doctor who still believes in the hypoxic drive hoax. He pretty much believes everything the media chants.

So, BiPAP is the new IPPB. While IBBB is seldom ordered now (it basically just overinflates the good alveoli according to most studies), BiPAP seems to have taken its place. Now obviously there are many wonderful uses for BiPAP, and it's prevented many patients from being placed on a vent, yet it is often abused just like any other medical therapy.

Just the other day I was called STAT to ER to set up a BiPAP. I said, "The patient is breathing fine."

"Yes," the doctor said, "but I want to get her blood pressure up."


"I want to get her blood pressure up."


"I... just set up the BiPAP." She rolled her eyes and left the room.

I said, "Well, all it's gonna do is make him agitated."

"Good," the doctor said as she trudged off, "I want her to become agitated. I want her blood pressure up."

"I might as well intubate her and do an ABG with the largest needle I can find if that's all you want to do," I mumbled under my hot breath. "What a waste of my time and the governments (our) money. What a waste!!"

And you wonder why there is so much apathy on the part of RTs.

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