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Saturday, March 26, 2011


To: Bosses

From: Workers

Regarding: Rules

Message: Some rules are good. They keep people in line and create unity. Yet when there are too many rules, or when rules are created every time something undesirable occurs, rules cease to have an added benefit. In fact, rules are good up to a certain point of which you reach a point of diminishing returns.

What you have to remember about rules is that each one takes away a freedom; each decreases choice; each decreases individual thought; each decreases individual creativity; they decrease the incentive to think. And this is not good for a hospital, where critical thinking is essential.

Besides, it gets to the point that if you add so many rules it's hard to follow them all, and your staff will get sloppy with some of the laws. This will result in unhappiness on both your part and theirs, and ultimately low morale.

Keep in mind that people are smart and poeple make mistakes. We don't need rules to manage every aspect of our lives. While you might get upset over a crumb on the ground, to others this may not matter so much. So you don't need to make a rule that you can't eat in the break room

If you have a problem with one particular worker, talk to that person. Don't punish the entire department with new rules. And, likewise, if you create a new rule, take away an old rule that's no longer needed anymore. That would make more sense.



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